We meet every Tuesday night throughout the year at the Hungerford Rugby club on the Triangle Field (click here for map or download map as PDF) at 7.30pm for a range of training activity that aim to cater for all running abilities. These might include intervals, hill sessions, and longer runs in and around Hungerford.

In the summer we also go out on 'Away Runs', mostly cross country, that often start and finish at a local pub.
Find out more in the 'Training' section above.


A Tuesday training session on Hungerford Marsh


We welcome beginner runners to our club, so if you'd like to join our 'Couch to 5k' programme check out the 'Beginners' section above. The next course of 8 weekly sessions begins on Tuesday 23rd April.
We also offer two other regular club sessions for those who wish to extend their running activities:
  1. Simon Hodkin organises a Thursday 'Tempo' run that aims to stretch runners in maintaining a good pace over a timed distance. He and Thomas Rivers have recently also added a monthly 'Timed 5k' to this session, offering runners the chance to claim prizes for the most improved performances.
  2. Esther Good and Andy Davy offer 'Sunday Service' runs that take runners out to explore our wonderful countryside, often for longer distances than on our Tuesday sessions - perhaps 7 to 10 miles, depending on the day and the group's needs. Details are usually publicised to members via our Outlook email.  

Out and about on a Sunday run near Sanham Green


We take part in a range of local and national events. See Recent Results under 'Latest News' above. 



We also regularly support Park Runs:

Esther's 50th Park Run at Marlborough


Er... and we have other, occasionally different sessions!

Scary Hares: Hallowe'en 2018!


We have a small committee that meets regularly throughout the year to plan training programmes and think of ways to improve the club. We try to respond to ideas from our members, and are always ready to welcome new blood to help us in a range of ways.

We now have 7 trained 'Leaders in Running Fitness'. They are all trained to help keep our sessions focused and well-informed, based on current information from Run England and UK Athletics.

  • Mandy Waldon
  • Brian Billington
  • Simon Hodkin
  • Andy Davy
  • Cat Turnbull
  • Hilary Murgatroyd
  • Geoff Anderson (who is also our 'Coach in Running Fitness').


Hilary Murgatroyd joined the club in June 2016 and has written this piece for us about joining the running club,

I joined Hungerford Hares almost by accident in June 2016. My neighbour, Martine, had recently started running and was really enthusiastic about the support she had received from the members so I tagged along one evening. I didn't know what to expect, had no idea how far, or even if I could run and, if I'm really honest, didn't even expect to stay. A year on I am still amazed at how much my life has changed.
I discovered that I could in fact run, perhaps not very fast or far, but with the help and encouragement of a great group of friendly people I gradually got better and, most importantly, realised that running is actually a lot of fun as well as being physically rewarding. I have made a load of new friends and have got to know our beautiful countryside a lot better. I completed my first 10K in March this year and I'm aiming for a half-marathon in October. Not bad for someone who only ever broke into a run when she was late for the train!
But, for me, the biggest benefit from running is the additional boost it brought to my wellbeing - not just physically but in mind too. Like everyone else my life can get busy, hectic and sometimes a bit stressful but running has given me a whole new outlet to help keep things balanced and has given me new goals and targets. 
My highlight so far has been the local bluebell wood runs which were visually stunning and fell perfectly on beautiful spring evenings and while not every run is blessed with good weather, there's still a lot of satisfaction and reward to be gained. Even if I do sometimes get home wet through and covered in mud I know I've achieved something that day and that's good enough for me - well, that and a nice hot plate of chips afterwards!  

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