Our new Beginners programme starts on Tuesday 23rd April 2019.
Simon Hodkin and Hilary Murgatroyd, two of our Leaders in Running Fitness, will be taking the sessions.
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The Course is run over 8 weeks and led by trained UK Athletics Run Leaders

Beginners' guide

Since the club started in June 2007 we have always encouraged new runners to join the club. We have run several successful Beginners programmes which aim to have complete beginners running 5K in 8 weeks.

Many of the beginners who have completed the programme stay with our club, and have gone on to compete in organised races ranging in distances from 5K to 13.1 miles! It does work and is an excellent way to feel fitter and healthier in just 8 weeks (and meet like-minded people!).

The programme is aimed at complete beginners but we can adapt it depending on people's individual fitness and previous running experience.

The Programme

Week 1 - Walk 1 min, run one min. Repeat ten times. Do three times a week.
Week 2 - Walk 1 min, run two mins. Repeat eight times. Do three times a week.
Week 3 - Walk 1 min, run three mins. Repeat seven times. Do three times a week.
Week 4 - Walk 2 mins, run five mins. Repeat four times. Do three times a week.
Week 5 - Walk 2 mins, run eight mins. Repeat three times. Do three times a week.
Week 6 - Walk 2 mins, run twelve mins. Repeat two times. Do three times a week.
Week 7 - Walk 1 min, run 15 mins, Repeat two times. Do three times a week.
Week 8 - Walk 1 min, run 30 mins continuously.

There are changing facilities at the Rugby club but the majority of us come already in our running gear, and there are toilet facilities available. We recommended wearing some well-cushioned running shoes and you will be shown some basic stretches and given other useful information about staying fit and injury free!

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Spring 2016 Beginners Group