Here are the results of some recent events that Hungerford Hares took part in

Penang Bridge Half Marathon in Malaysia 2017

Well done to Victoria for getting up super early for a 3.15am start and finishing the Penang Bridge Half Marathon


18th November 2017 - parkrun
Michael ELLIS - 33.57 Swindon
Caroline BAMFORD - 34.20 Newbury
Brian BILLINGTON - 34.20 Newbury
Mandy WALDON - 24.04 Newbury
11th November 2017 - parkrun 
Caroline BAMFORD - 25.25 Abbingdon
Brian BILLINGTON - 25.25 Abbingdon
Jackie GIBBARD - 27.56 Newbury
Caroline BOWYER - 28.01 Newbury
29th October 2017 - Newbury inflatable 5k
Caroline & Jackie bounced there way around newbury show ground
22nd October 2017 - The Great South Run 
Caroline Bamford - 1.23.24
Brian Billington - 1.23.24
21st October 2017 - parkrun 
Jackie GIBBARD - 28.26 Newbury
Caroline BOWYER - 28.28 Newbury
15th October 2017 - Greenham Step Up 4 Good 
10k - Geoff Anderson 45.20  (1st Male Vet V60 & 29th Over all)
5k - Hilary Murgatroyd 28.41
1st October 2017 - Blenheim Half Marathon
Martine Sugden - 2.33
Hilary Murgatroyd - 2.33
1st October 2017 - Bowood duathlon
Carl Reid - 54.56 - Super Sprint
30th September 2017 parkrun
Brian BILLINGTON - 23.05 Isle of wight
Charlotte FISHER MORECROFT - 30.48 - Newbury
23rd September 2017 - Farleigh Wallop 10K Trail Race
Brian Billington - 54.36
Caroline Bamford - 54.39
23rd September 2017 parkrun
Brian BILLINGTON - 25.34 Newbury
Mike MORECROFT - 30.12 Newbury

16th September parkrun
Mandy Waldon - 22.47 Barnstaple
Brian BILLINGTON - 24.38 Newbury
Esther GOOD - 24.42 Newbury
10th September Bacchus 2017

9th September parkrun

Charlotte FISHER MORECROFT - 32.35 Newbury
Brian BILLINGTON - 23.36 - Temple Newsam
3rd September Newbury Tri 2017
Geoff ANDERSON - 1.16.38
Carl REID - 1.23.43
Caroline BAMFORD - 1.46.40
2nd September parkrun
Brian BILLINGTON - 26.05 Newbury
Caroline BAMFORD - 26.59 Newbury
Esther GOOD - 27.00 Newbury
26th August parkrun
Emily COOK - 27.48 Newbury
Brian BILLINGTON - 25.33 - Alice Holt
Caroline BAMFORD - 25.42 - Alice Holt

19th August parkrun

Brian BILLINGTON - 24.06 Upton Court
Caroline BAMFORD - 24.11 Upton Court
David ADAMS - 25.50 Newbury
12th August parkrun
Brian BILLINGTON 25.55 - Newbury
Caroline BAMFORD 25.54 - Newbury
5th August parkrun
Brian BILLINGTON 24.31 - Newbury
Caroline BAMFORD 24.32 - Newbury
Craig Antony BEAMSON 25.49 - Durham
29th July parkrun
Thomas HUDSON - 19.32 Newbury
Brian BILLINGTON - 23.22 Newbury
Esther GOOD - 23.42 Newbury
Simon HODKIN - 24.23 Newbury
Caroline BAMFORD - 24.44 Newbury
Emily COOK - 24.46 Barnstable
Paul SCARLETT - 30.25 Newbury
Will BURNETT - 41.33 Newbury
23rd July Kingsclere 10K

Hilary Murgatroyd 59.00
Craig Beamson 54.04
22nd July parkrun

Brian Billington - 23.52 Henley-on-Thames
Caroline Bamford - 25.53  Henley-on-Thames
Simon Hodkin - 25.46 Henley-on-Thames
15th July parkrun

Brian Billington - 25.35 Lanhydrock
Caroline Bamford - 25.27 Newbury
9th July Bath Two Tunnels 10k

Brian Billington - 52.08
Caroline Bamford - 52.12
8th July Ham to Lyme Ultra 50k

Esther Good Finished in 6 Hours 2mins - Joint 4th Female
Polly Wood Finished in 6 hours 2mins - Joint 4th Female

8th July Savernake 10k

Carl Reid 45.44
8th July parkrun

Caroline Bamford - 26.26 Yeovil Montacute
Brian Billington - 26.27 Yeovil Montacute

1st July Bracknell 10k

Hilary Murgatroyd 54.50
1st July - Dash & Slash (Isle of Wight)
Brian Billington - 27.40
1st July - parkrun
Caroline BAMFORD - 24.39 Newbury
Rachael COLEMAN - 33.05 Newbury (1st Timer)
Liz DAKING - 33.20 Newbury (1st Timer)
Brian BILLINGTON - 23.55 Medina I.O.W

Well done to Rachael , Liz and Keli who took park in there first parkrun after finishing our beginners program
27th June - Hares Timed Run

25th June - Downland Dash
Caroline Bamford - 54.52
25th June - Inkpen Gibet Challenge
Mandy Waldon - 53.37

24st June - parkrun
Caroline BAMFORD - 26.15 Newbury
Brian BILLINGTON - 26.16 Newbury
21st June - Chippenham Longest Day 10k
Craig Beamson           48.36
17th June - Brighton & Hove Park Run
Caroline BAMFORD           25:30
17th June - Newbury Park Run
David Adams                   25:33
4th June - Ollie Johnson Memorial Kintbury 5 Miles
Paul STOUT                   37:05
Victoria CHIDSEY           42:51
Hilary MURGATROYD    42:54 
4th June - D Day 10k
Hayley KANE  47:58
Emily COOK   49:07
3rd June - Newbury Park Run
Paul SCARLETT       27:33
28th May - Edinburgh Marathon 

Mike Morecroft - 4 Hours 4 Mins
Pleased to complete my second marathon.  Edinburgh has a great start in the middle of the city and then goes down to the coast for a long, mostly flat run with a variety of scenery.  Good atmosphere and plenty of support.  Perfect weather for walking and sight seeing - about 20 degrees and mostly sunny - if a bit too warm for a fast run.  It did however make for a good half term holiday with the family!
28th May - Bayer 10k
Carl Reid - 46.37
Hayley Kane - 51.13
Jackie Gibbard - 1.01.54

27th May - parkrun
24th May - Westonbirt Arboretum 10k
Brian Billington - 53.21
Caroline Bamford -  53.21

21st May - Ramsbury 5
Mandy Waldon - 38.17 (3rd Female)
Robin Gregory - 55.27 

20th May - parkrun

Brian BILLINGTON - 22.58 - Amager Faelled Denmark
Craig Antony BEAMSON - 23.38 - Newbury
Katie REYNOLDS-WHARTON - 25.25 - Newbury
Paul SCARLETT - 27.22 - Newbury
Jackie GIBBARD - 27.57 - Newbury
Caroline BOWYER - 27.59 - Newbury
Sally ADAMS - 37.54 - Newbury
14th May - Bath Two Tunnels 10k
Brian Billington - 48.55
Emily Cook - 49.12
Caroline Bamford - 50.32
13th May - The All Nations 10k
Angela Sewell 1Hr 3 Min's and 39 Seconds (First Every Race)

13th May - parkrun
Craig Antony BEAMSON - 25.00 Newbury
Katie REYNOLDS-WHARTON - 25.11 - Newbury
David ADAMS - 25.34 - Newbury
Sally ADAMS - 40.11 - Newbury
Caroline BAMFORD - 46.06 - Newbury
Brian BILLINGTON - 46.07 - Newbury
7th May - Welford 10k
Barry Regan- 42.17
Paul Stout - 48.14
Emily Cook - 49.51
Simon Hodkin - 52.03
Nerys May - 54.50
Victoria Chidsey - 57.51
June Frith - 59.38
6th May - parkrun
Brian BILLINGTON - 24.50 Newbury
Caroline BAMFORD - 25.25 Newbury
Paul SCARLETT - 28.27 Newbury

29th April - parkrun

Caroline BAMFORD - 26.33 Newbury
Brian BILLINGTON - 26.34 Newbury
Craig Antony BEAMSON - 26.35 Newbury
23rd April - London Marathon


29th April - London Marathon

Caroline BAMFORD - 26.33 Newbury
Brian BILLINGTON - 26.34 Newbury
Craig Antony BEAMSON - 26.35 Newbury
23rd April - London Marathon
22nd April - parkrun
Craig Antony BEAMSON - 23.50 Newbury
Esther GOOD - 26.25 Newbury
Brian BILLINGTON - 26.25 Newbury

15th April - parkrun

Brian BILLINGTON  - 21.52 Leicester Victoria
Geoff ANDERSON - 22.17 Newbury
Paul SCARLETT - 24.36 Newbury
Craig Antony BEAMSON - 25.24 Newbury
Jackie GIBBARD - 28.35 Newbury PB
Mary-Anne ALLSOBROOK - 28.35 Newbury
Caroline BOWYER - 28.35 Newbury PB

9th April - Brighton Marathon

Carl Reid  - 4.20.05
8th April - parkrun

Brian Billington  - 21.51 Newbury PB

Paul Scarlett - 26.10 Newbury

26th March - Calne Clock Challange

Emily Cook - 48.30
Hayley Kane - 50.08

25th March - parkrun

Brian Billington  - 24.20 Swindon
Michelle Potts - 29.53 Swindon
Simon Hodkin - 24.22 Swindon
Caroline Bamford - 24.57 Newbury
19th March - Bowood 10k

June Firth - 1.00.26
Hilary Murgatroyd - 1.13.09
Martyne Sugden - 1.13.09
19th March - Reading Half

Maurice Marulli De Barletta - 1.33.37

Craig Beamson - 1.43.33
Esther Good - 1.49.51
David Adams - 1.55.06
Emily Cook - 1.52.33
Rachel Greenway - 2.12.19
Ruth Pauling - 2.30.23
Linda Gaywood - 2.46.12
Simon Hodkin - 1.57.34
Barry Regan - 1.31.09

12th March - Silverstone Half

Carl Reid  1.50.05
12th March - Bath Half
Rich Parry 1.49.59
Brian Billington 1.50.00
Nerys May 1.53.28
Caroline Bamford 1.54.11
Esther Good 2.09.14
11th March - parkrun
Craig Antony BEAMSON - 23.38 - Nwebury

4th March - parkrun

Michelle POTTS - 28.11 - Newbury
Brian BILLINGTON - 23.59 - Medina I.O.W
26th Febuary - Winchester 10k
Emily Cook - 49.45

25th Febuary - parkrun

Brian BILLINGTON 22.42 - Swindon
Esther GOOD - 24.03 - Swindon (PB)
David ADAMS - 24.06 - Newbury (PB)
Michelle POTTS - 33.21 - Newbury
Emily COOK - 46.32 - Newbury

19th Febuary - Bramley 20/10
Esther Good - 1.22.02
Brian Billington -1.57.23
Caroline Bamford - 1.22.02
Nerys May - 1.30.34
18th Febuary - parkrun

Craig Antony BEAMSON - 22.21 Newbury PB
Michelle POTTS  - 27.05 Newbury PB
Angela SEWELL - 31.08 Newbury

12th Febuary - Bath Skyline 10k

77th  Brian Billington 57.30

106th Francois Stoop 59.38

126th Caroline Bamford 1.01.26

127th Hayley Kane 1.01.35

195th Emily Cook 1.06.52

11th Febuary - parkrun

Brian BILLINGTON- 25.28 - Newbury

Craig Antony BEAMSON - 25.31 Newbury

Esther GOOD - 25.32 - Newbury

Caroline BAMFORD- 25.44 -Newbury

Michelle POTTS - 29.30 Newbury

4th Febuary - parkrun

Caroline BAMFORD - 25.48 - Newbury

Brian BILLINGTON - 25.46 Newbury

Craig Antony BEAMSON - 22.23 - Newbury PB

Esther GOOD- 25.48 -Newbury


28th January - parkrun

Caroline BAMFORD - 25.41 - Newbury

Brian BILLINGTON - 25.42 Newbury

Craig Antony BEAMSON - 25.43 - Newbury

Emily COOK - 27.13 Barnstaple


21st January - parkrun

Caroline BAMFORD - 23.52 - Llanelli

Brian BILLINGTON - 22.20 Newbury


14th January - parkrun

Caroline BAMFORD - 25.48 - Newport

Brian BILLINGTON - 25.26 Newport

Esther GOOD - 25.54 Newport


8th January - Woodcote 10k

Scott Farrell - 45.22

Craig Beanson - 49.01

Emily Cook - 54.07

Sally Adams - 1.14.32


7th January - parkrun

Paul CARDEN- 29.13 - Swindon

Caroline BAMFORD - 27.22 - Newbury

Polly Wood - 27.22 - Newbury

Brian BILLINGTON - 27.23 Newbury

Esther GOOD - 27.24 Newbury

Brian completed his 200th parkrun


31st December 2016 - Gut Buster 10 mile

Mandy WALDON - 1.25.08

Caroline BAMFORD - 1.34.11

Sallyanne Adams - 2.34.48


31st December - New Years Eve parkrun

Victoria Louise CHIDSEY - 29.35 - Trelissick

Brian BILLINGTON - 23.08 - Swindon

Francois STOOP - 24.24 - Swindon

24th December - Newbury Xmas Eve parkrun

Caroline BAMFORD - 26.38

- 26.39

Michelle POTTS - 28.25 PB

Paul CARDEN - 28.53

Caroline BOWYER - 29.34 PB

and Polly Wood ran Parke parkun in 32.47



28th Decemeber 2015 - 10 Mile Gut Buster

Brian Billington 1.28.30 

Ester Good 1.28.53

Caroline Bamford 1.29.35


10th December 2016 - South of England Athletics Association Masters Cross Country Championships

10k, held at Horspath, Oxford

Geoff Anderson - 43 mins

Geoff finished 8th in the over 65 category, his first race since early summer. Well Done Geoff and welcome back!!

11th December 2016 - Tadley XC




EMILY COOK - 43.23





Great turn out from the Hares today and some fast times ... those intervals and hill sessions must be paying off... well done everyone

3rd December 2016 - parkrun

Brian BILLINGTON  26.26 - Newbury

Esther GOOD- 26.25 - Newbury

David ADAMS - 27.32 - Newbury

27th November 2016 - Avon Valley Half

Maurice MARULLI-DE-BARLETTA - 1.38.52

Kevin GREGORY - 1.40.27

Polly WOOD - 1.44.48

Claudia VON HURTER - 1.44.49 (Now CREWKERNE RC)


26th November 2016 - parkrun

Brian BILLINGTON  23.38 - Woodside

Caroline BAMFORD - 27.31 - Newbury

Michelle POTTS - 28-.31 - Newbury

Emily COOK - 25.01 - Bideford


20th November 2016 - Swindon 10k

Brian Billington  47.48

Emily Cook 50.35

Victoria Chidsey 52.27

Caroline Bamford 56.45

Jackie Gibbard 59.59


12th November 2016 - parkrun

Brian BILLINGTON -24.03 - Longrun Meadow

Claudia von Hürter (Ex Hare) - 24.03 - Longrun Meadow


6th November 2016 - Oxford Cross Country Leauge

Men 8.5km - Brian Billington -  43.13

Woman 6.5km - Mandy Waldon - 30.34

Woman 6.5km - Caroline Bamford - 33.17

5th November 2016 - parkrun

Brian BILLINGTON -25.38 - Newbury

Caroline BAMFORD - 25.44 - Newbury

Victoria CHIDSEY - 25.48 - Newbury PB

29th October 2016 - parkrun

Caroline BOWYER - 30.04 - Winchester

Brian BILLINGTON -25.00 - Swindon

Esther GOOD - 24.59 - Swindon

Caroline BAMFORD - 27.13 - Newbury

23rd October 2016 - Great South Run

Lee Burton - 1.20.33

Craig Beamson - 1.23.06

Emily Cook - 1.24.53

David Adams - 1.27.37

16th October 2016

Caroline Bamford - 51.29 - Grittleton 10k

15th October 2016 - parkrun

Paul CARDEN - 27.23 Newbury

Paul SCARLETT - 27.39 Newbury

Brian BILLINGTON -25.25 - Homewood

Caroline BAMFORD - 25.26 - Homewood

9th October 2016 - Oxford Half

Victoria Chidsey - 1.54.07

Kevin Gregory - 1.38.49

Rich Parry - 1.41.59

Josh Parry - 1.41.15

Paul Carden - 2.20.05

2nd October 2016 - Bowood House Duathlon - Super sprint

Carl Reid -  52.50 - 3rd Placed Vet

2nd October 2016 - Cricklade 10K

Scott Farrell -  43.32

Emily Cook -  50.56

Craig Beamson -  48.25

David Adams - 51.07

Sally Adams - 69.29


25th September 2016 - Highclere 10k

Paul Carden -  103.13 - Highclere 10k

Emily Cook -  1.59.33 - Bristol Half

Craig Beamson -  1.54.46 - Bristol Half

Caroline Bamford - 58.20 - Farleigh Wallop 10k

18th September 2016 - Melksham 10k

Emily Cook -  51.05

Scott Ferrell - 45.33

Hayley Kane - 52.34

4th September 2016 - Newbury Triathlon

Carl Reid - 1 Hour 23 Mins

4th September 2016 - Chippenham Half

Sally Adams - 2.37.11

3rd September 2016 - parkrun

Brian Billington - 21.52 Newbury PB


28th August 2016 - Englefield 10k

Emily Cook - 52.36

Sally Adams - 75.30

27th August 2016 - parkrun

Brian Billington - 24.15 Newbury

Esther Good 24.13 Newbury

Paul Carden 29.04 Newbury

19th August 2016 - parkrun

Brian Billington - 22.58 Chippenham

Caroline Bamford 24.33 Newbury

13th August 2016 - parkrun

Brian Billington - 24.05 Minehead

Caroline Bamford 24.04 Minehead

Emily Cook - 25.35 Newbury

Sally Adams - 34.22 Newbury


6th Dec - Tadley Xmas XC

Caroline Bamford 46.49 (1st Female V45)

Brian Billington 45.06

Emily Cook 53.33

Bob D'Mellow 64.57

29th Nov - Mapledurham 10 mile XC

Esther Good 1.29.07

Brian Billington 1.29.07

Charlie Morecroft 1.50.10

22nd Nov - Swindon 10k


25th October - Venice Marathon

John Warr - 4Hr 17Mins - Well done John! - See john's account of his first marathon here

11th October - Swindon Half

Mark Bilsborough 1.42.40

11th October - Oxford Half

Paul Carden 2.21.58 (1st Half)

Caroline Bamford 1.51.45

Brian Billington 1.51.45 (PB)

Esther Good 1.52.59

Katie Reynolds-Wharton 1.57.47

Rich Parry 1.38.45 (PB)

Kevin Gregory 1.38.45 (PB)

Lynda Gaywood 2.34.39

John Warr 1.47.01

4th October - 92nd  Kosice Peace Marathon

Oskar Zahorsky Completed the Marathon in 4.46.31 well done Oskar!


4th October - Cricklade Half Marathon

Mandy Waldon - 1Hr 40 mins 26 Seconds

Flat course setting off from the Saxon town of Cricklade the course takes you out into the beautiful Wiltshire countryside in the Cotswolds. It is well organised with both a fun run and 10K option with 700 entrants across all three races. I would recommend it, it's only half an hour away!

4th October - Bournemouth marathon

Mike Morecroft 4 Hours 1 Minute and 25 seconds

I successfully completed the Bournemouth marathon yesterday in 4 hours, 1 minute and 25 seconds (572nd out of 1873 runners).  It was a nice sunny day and good running conditions.  The course snakes in and out of residential areas before going down to run along beside the beach for a large part of the course, this seaside experience is a definite part of the course's appeal, although there is quite a lot of doubling back on yourself to fit in the miles.  The course also takes in the piers at Boscombe and Bournemouth, which adds to the interest.  I found the first half of the course very enjoyable but a couple of hills in the second half were challenging with many people walking, fortunately West Berkshire's hill's had prepared me well to persevere on these ascents.  The last couple of miles along the sea front were hard going with a head wind and the finish right in the middle of the town by the pier and the conference centre was a welcome sight!

I'm sure training with the Hares helped getting me in shape, so thanks to you and the other leaders / organisers for all you do.


27th September Highclere 10k

Mandy Waldon 48:43

June Firth 60.02

Sunday 20th Sept - Marlborough Temple Trail Half Marathon

Jamie Dullaghan 31st place 1.42.37

Paul Scarlett 82nd place 2.09.59 


5th September - Malmesbury 10k

Well done Caroline Bowyer her time was 61.26 (chip time 60.52)



Sunday 6th Sept - Newbury Triathlon  

Well done to Katie who came 3rd in the Female Vet Category in 1.12.56

Kevin Gregory finished in 1.14.58


 Sunday 30th Aug - Englefield 10k


Mandy Waldon 49.54 - 66th

Brian Billington 52.12 - 82nd

Caroline Bamford 52.46 - 87th

Amanda Gooddard 72.14 - 233rd

Wilf Waldon 13.56 - 2nd Place in the Under 15's Race 

Thursday 30th July 2015 - Dinton Pastures Relay

This is a 2.14 Mile Time Trial with runners predicting there finish time (No Watches Allowed)

Hungerford Hares Team

Caroline Bamford predicted time = 18.20 actual time = 16.50

Brian Billington  predicted time = 18.54 actual time = 16.39

Esther Good predicted time = 18.53 actual time = 19.11


Sunday 19th July 2015

Esther Good completed the Wellington Triathlon and came 4th in her age cat and 12th lady home



Sunday 5th July 2015

Ridgeway Relay

Team 19 - Mandy Waldon , Mary-Anne  Cosgrove, Bob D'Mellow, Paul Disley, Polly Wood, Kirsten Disley, Richard Parry, Kevin Gregory, Paul Stout, Claudia Von Hurter 

Well done to all the hares that took part


Sunday 28th June 2015 (very busy weekend for the hares)

Cotswold 3/4 triathlon lake 62 

Katie finish 5th out of 20 females and 1st in age group.  Distance was, 1100m swim, 30k bike and 6k run.


Extreme Energy's Round the Island race at the weekend, 2 days, 70 miles around the Isle of Wight

Well Done Helen - and thanks for the review below

Race starts once the ramp goes down on the ferry at East Cowes, 39 miles on the first day to Brighstone Holiday Park, 7:55:53 hrs.  We stayed the night in chalets or tents (I had a chalet) looking out to sea, then 31 miles to West Cowes on day 2, 6:43:22 hrs.
I placed 30th out of 81 finishers with a total time of 14:39:15 hrs.  Well I did eat a few ice creams on the way!

I have entered their next multistage race in September, The Cotswold Challenge if anyone fancies joining me.

The Gibbet Challenge - Final Race in the west Berks Series  2015

Well done Linda completing the tough 10k course in 1:18:59 

Well done to our newest member Caroline who finished in 57.30 and 5th Female overall in the race series

North Devon Half Marathon  2015

Well done Mandy on completing the hill course in under 2 Hours - Chip Time 1.59.10 12th Female 40-44  (not sure about gloves in June though)



Saturday & Sunday  13th & 14th June - Endure 24 2015

Paul Scarlett completed 4 laps and Abi Scarlett completed 3 laps in a team of 8 (3 dropped out injured) came 96th out of 159 teams

Brian Billington & Esther Good Both completed 4 laps each in a team of 8 who came 34th out of 159 teams  

Wednesday 10th June - Lethbridge 10k 2015

Brian Billington & Esther Good : 49:10 

Sunday 7nd  June - Kintbury 5 

 Graham Dixon - 31.52

Geoff Anderson - 32.59

Claudia Von-Hurter - 38.22

Brian Billington - 39.44

Bob D'Mellow - 40.36

June Frith - 43.12






Sunday 26th April : London Marathon

Brian Billington - 4 Hrs 7 mins

Esther Good - 4 Hrs 7 mins

Kevin Gregory 3 Hrs 43 mins


Saturday 19th April - Newbury  Duathlon

Well done to Katie & Geoff who took part in the 5k Run - 25K bike - 5k Run



12th April Paris Marathon 2015 

Esther Good Time 3:55         

4th April 2015 Votwo Eton series - Dorney Lake - 10k

Linda Gaywood Time 1:08:17         
This was her first 10k race. She managed to shave 12 min's off her previous best 10k time.

Well done Lynda!



Sunday 29th March: Combe Gibbet to Overton 16 mile multi-terrain 

Mandy Waldon & Geoff Anderson ran together in a time of 2 Hours 23 Mins 


 Geoff off towards the A34

Mandy getting muddy with her trademark woolly hat


Sunday 22nd March : Reading Half Marathon

Note - Robin started an hour late due to his flight not getting into heathrow until 10am , He recorded a time on his watch 2.15


Sunday 15th March

Richard Lewis ran the Longleat Half he completed it in 1hr 56mins (3 mins off his PB!! well done Richard)


Richards Review of the Longleat Half Marathon.

This one of the British Heart Foundation organised run.  It is a well organised low key run with a small field and few spectators on the route..  The run starts and finishes outside Longleat House. The race starts at 8:45 so an early start from Hungerford to get there in plenty of time.  The route is very scenic around the Longleat estate and surrounding villages all on tarmac roads with most are open to traffic.  There are not many routes where you run next to a field of Hippo's which adds to the interest.  There are lots of hills on the course, so not one for a PB.  I particularly enjoyed the last 3 miles which was nearly all down hill apart from a sneaky climb at mile 12.

If you are looking for a different Half then this is worth a go, lots of nice countryside and some different wildlife if you don't mind hills.

Saturday 14th March

Geoff to part in the British Masters XC Championships coming 3rd in the M65 category.
Well done Geoff


Sunday 1st March

Mandy Waldon Goring 10k - Time 47.19

Geoff Anderson finished 3rd Over 60 Male for the season in the Oxford Mail Cross Country League, after the final fixture held at Harwell on Sunday


Sunday 8th Febuary : Wokingham Half

Geoff came 3rd in his age category...1.30:21 

Mandy ran a very fast 1:37:44

Sunday 18th January: Corsham park challenge
Brian Billington 51.02

Katie Reynolds-Wharton 51.12


Sunday 11th January: Rough n Tumble
1.40.32 - JOSEY, Helen

1.41.42 - WALDON, Mandy

1.45.33 - GOOD, Esther

1.58.10 - McGovern, Vicky

Well Done to all the Hares that completed that very hilly course



Gut Buster 10 Mile XC  - 28th Dec 2014

Brian Completed the tough cold and wet course in 1 Hour 29 Mins

Saturday 13th December: South of England XC Championship

Geoff won gold at the South of England XC champs (over 65)at Oxford 

Despite taking a tumble and cutting his eyebrow there is no stopping geoff


Sunday 7th December: Oxford - Round 2: Harcourt Hill Race 8 Mens
Geoff Anderson came in a great time of 43.04

Sunday 7th December: Tadley Xmas XC
Esther Good and Brian Billington took on the new course for the 25th running of this event.

Esther went off at a fast pace but the heavy mud took its toll and Brian slowly caught up, both finishing together in 47.59



Tidworth 10k

Mandy and Katie completed the Tidworth 10k on Sunday today in a time of 50:07 and 59 respectively.

Mandy's Report -

There was a late start by about 15 minutes (the 3k event was before and they had to wait for the last runner of that event before the 10k could start), great warm up with one of the soliders shouting instructions!. The first 5k was generally up hill, with some nasty steep sections where the rain seemed to desend just as you reached each peak! It was an off road course, the first mile was difficult terrain (lots of mud) which meant single file, then the course opened up. The last 5 k was either down hill or flat and the last 1.5 miles retraced the first part of the route. I was chuffed that I had my off road shoes on and managed to over take 3 other runners struggling with the mud in the last half mile! I ran the second half 4 minutes quicker than the first which gives you a good idea of the tough first half!
They do not record any timings...very relaxed which is's a big charity event.
Would recommed :)


Great South Run: Sunday 26th October

Well done to Victoria who completed the great south run in 1 Hour 29 minutes , Brian in 1 Hour 27 and Graham Dixon in a super fast time of 70.10


Salisbury Half-marathon: Sunday 19th October
Geoff tackled the challenging undulating (excuses, excuses!) course at Salisbury, and finished 69th out of 370, 7th Over 60 in the British Masters Championships, in a time of 94mins 26secs.

Barney and Kevin record PBs in Half-marathons: Great news!
Barney was in action last Sunday (12th October) in the Swindon Half, a roller coaster of a run south east of the town. He managed to fill Robin's place and ran a PB of 82min 07secs for 6th place. (Poor Robin was called at short notice to fly to the Maldives, where he reported on the challenge of running in "pouring sunshine"!).
Kevin was meanwhile recording a PB of 99mins 48secs in the Oxford event, which was apparently a bit of a surprise for him.
Well done both of you.

Alastair hits the wall for Great Ormond Street!
Well done, Alastair (back row, second from right), for completing a slightly long half-marathon on Sunday! He reports that he set off very ambitiously, then paid the price at 10 miles! (More training sessions needed, perhaps, Alastair!!)

Bath Two Tunnels 10k: Sunday 28th September
Brian acquitted himself well in this race, finishing 134th in 48.30: well done!

Highclere 10k: Sunday 28th September
A glorious day and the stunning setting of Highclere Castle gave about 300 runners the chance to tackle this challenging local race through undulating parkland. Lord Carnarvon started the race: his wife presented the prizes.
June was 1st Over 50 Vet lady in 58.36: great result, June!
(See her in action below, in the Hares vest)

Kevin was 78th in 51.19. (Nearly there, Kevin! See below)

Geoff was 2nd Over 60 Vet man, 18th in 42.48. (See him on the finishing straight, below)

Many runners, including Kevin (6 stings) & Geoff (2 stings), were set upon by hornets at about half way! Luckily no one was seriously in danger as a result. 

Berlin Marathon: Sunday 28th September
Whoooosh! Barney Kerry ran a great time in Berlin - 2hours 49minutes 19seconds: Well done! 


Newbury Sprint Triathlon: Sunday 7th September
Four Hares acquitted themselves really well in this popular local event. Out of 343 competitors our results for the 1/4 mile swim, 22 km bike, 5 km run were as follows:
Robin Gregory: 1 hour 29 minutes 14 seconds;

Esther Good: 1 hour 17 minutes 39 seconds (5th Over 40 female);

Katie Reynolds-Wharton: 1 hour 17 minutes 31 seconds (4th Over 40 female)

Geoff Anderson: 1 hour 14 minutes 01 seconds (2nd Over 60 male)

(Great photos by Brian: poised at Wickham Hill to catch the climb!)

Let's go for a team prize next year!!





Run West Berks
Brian Billington has sent us a useful summary of the 'Run West Berks' series of races, all four of which he ran: see the News , Run West Berks Review section of the website. Thanks, Brian!

North Devon AONB Half-marathon: Sunday 29th June 2014 : A tough coastal challenge from Woolacombe, via Croyde, Saunton and back
The Harey 8 Race Director and Chief Marshal enjoyed the wonderful scenery and free cream tea by the seaside in glorious sunshine.

                                                Mandy looking easy at Baggy Point

Geoff taking it steady

Done it! Now for the free cream tea

Gibbet Challenge: Sunday 29th June 2014: 10k multi-terrain race from Inkpen to Combe Gibbet
Brian Billington and Vivienne Ravenhill were our representatives in this tough 10k that involves scaling the two hills either side of the Gibbet. Brian and Vivienne were neck and neck at the finish, Brian finishing just ahead in 45th, in 57mins 28secs. Vivienne was one second behind: 46th in 57mins 29secs! Well done, you two!

Hungerford 'Harey 8': Sunday 22nd June 2014: 3rd Great Year!
Four Hares ran, Brian Billington, Robin Gregory, Maurice Barletta, and newcomer Vivienne Ravenhill, so it was good to have some local presence in our own race.
                                          Maurice was 41st in 1hour 01mins 18secs

                                           Vivienne was 74th in 1hour 09mins 54secs

                                           Brian was 76th in 1hour 10mins 16secs

                                            Robin was 101st in 1hour 20mins 10secs

Well done the Hares!

Age Category Winners as follows:
LADIES: 1st Laura Woodley 
             2nd Jess Franklin
             3rd Fiona Gordon
             Vets 35+ Laura Woodley, 45+ Fiona Gordon, 55+ Sarah Fowler

Jess, Laura, Fiona

MEN: 1st Gareth Watkins
         2nd Matthew Green 
         3rd Peter Keen
 Vets 40+ Gareth Watkins, 50+ Bob Harrison, 60+ Tim Hughes

Matthew, Gareth, Peter

Photos were sent to all competitors by Stuart March as part of his amazing Photography service: thanks, Stu!

Ridgeway Relay: Sunday 15th June 2014: 86 miles run in 10 legs between Ivinghoe Beacon and Marlborough
Mandy's hard work recruiting team members paid off as everyone turned up, ran really well, and helped the Hares finish 30th out of 47 teams: awesome!
Claire's last minute 'wee' panic as Mike powered into their take-over point in record time did not, fortunately, unduly affect our progress! Cries of, "Claire, Claire, Mike's arrived" flushed her out of the hedge in time.
                                             Claire in the woods (and out of the hedge!)
A more serene handover took place at South Stoke where Polly and Kirsten executed a seamless transition.....
Of particular note is Barney's Leg 7 (9.1 miles: that's a l o n g leg!), which he ran in 57mins 45secs, clocking 6mins 21secs per mile: oooooh, impressive stuff 

                                              Barney in full flow near
Wantage (above)

June taking it in her stride at near Fox Hill (above)
                                  Geoff at about 3 miles, above Ogbourne St George (above) 
Robin, as fresh as a daisy at Barbary Castle (above)

After Robin's 'glory leg' into the leisure centre in Marlborough, six of the team plus three supporters rounded off the day at Pizza Express: a day to be proud of for the club.
Full results can be found at
(Photos of Claire, Barney, June, Geoff and Robin by Barry Cornelius)

Endurance Life's Classic Quarter: Saturday 7th June 2014
Our 'ultra' champ, Helen, competed in this race from Lizard Point to Lands End in Cornwall (44.5 miles with a total elevation of 4400ft.) and recorded 10hours 04minutes. She reports, "Such an amazing day, beautiful scenery, lots of climbing over rocks".

Ollie Johnson Kintbury 5: Sunday 1st June 2014
It was great to see the Hares out again in this local race. Detailed results are still awaited, but in the meantime here's a photo of our smiling gang at the finish with their medals. Well done June, Claire, Victoria and Brian!

Results now published below, with some action photos from Geoff:
Brian Billington: 70th in 37min 52sec
                                                                Looking cool, Brian!
Victoria Chidsey: 136th in 43min 13sec
                                                   Fresh as a daisy at 4 miles, Victoria
June Frith: 145th in 44min 25sec
                                                 June speeding along with a mile to go
Claire Digweed: 184th in 49min 04sec
                                                          Yes, Claire, looking good!