List of Active Run Leaders


Mandy Waldon

Age 44

Job -Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Club Runner since 2007

Bio - I started running at University in Brighton as it was cheap and very flat along the sea front! I ran my first half marathon in Reading in 1996 encouraged and supported every step of the way by June (another run leader). I have run many races over the years and still get the same buzz as I always have.  I love the sense of freedom running gives me, the chance to explore new places and to feel strong physically (and mentally!).

Quote -it doesn't get easier you just get stronger


Brian Billington

Age 46

Job - IT Technical Specialist

Club Runner since 2014

Bio - Started running after having to retire from national league hockey in 2012 , Got into running though parkrun and now has run over 50 different parkrun locations and more than 250 runs,  Has no issue with getting caked in mud so cross country is his preferred surface to run on ,  Can also be found on a bike.

Quote - If you find me passed out at the finish line ... stop my Garmin for me!


Claire Digweed


Age : 46

Job : Medical receptionist/dispenser and massage therapist

Bio: After the birth of my son I had a lot of weight to lose!  That's when I took up running.  I had always played netball but I needed something else to keep my fitness up.  My sister, Mandy, was also instrumental in encouraging me to run and it was with Mandy and June that we set up Hungerford Hares in 2007.  I love the fact that you can go out in the fresh air/countryside for 30 plus minutes for free whilst keeping fit.  I became a run leader to help the club progress onto the next stage and encourage others to be able to run and keep running!!  Being one of the slower members of the club I can encourage the new runners to keep going and succeed


June Frith

Age: 62

Job: Chiropodist and Yoga teacher, Previously a nurse

Club Runner: since 2007

Bio: I started running in 1980 and joined my first club around 1985 The Finch  coasters.
Between 1985 and 2006 I ran 11 London Marathons and 15 other marathons, many half marathons and 3 ultra distance.

I am a founder member of the Hungerford Hares and continue to run shorter distances.
I enjoy helping  other people to reach their potential with running and see this as my main aim in helping with the club.


Geoff Anderson

Age: 67

Job: Retired Primary School Headteacher and University Lecturer

Club Runner: since 1974

Bio: I ran quite a lot at school and university, then joined my first club, Bracknell AC, in 1975. I have run regularly and competitively on track, country and road, from 800 metres up to marathon. I ran in the first London Marathon in 1981.I have represented Berkshire at County level, and more recently have enjoyed the challenges of running in 'masters' events,. I am now a 'Coach in Running Fitness', and still run competitively when the muscles and bones allow!

Quote: "While I can, I do!"


Victoria Chidsey

Job: Personal Assistant

Club Runner since 2009

Bio – I’ve always been active throughout my life but hated running at school because I was never a natural athlete.  I discovered the joys of running later in life when I joined two of my colleagues for a couch to 5k programme at work - just because it sounded like they were having so much fun!  It wasn’t long before I didn’t want to stop for the walk breaks and when I turned up for the beginners session one week only to find myself in amongst the actual running group, I realised that I could run and was hooked.  Joining the Hungerford Hares was a turning point for me – with the help and encouragement of the run leaders and fellow club members I took it to another level and completed my first (and only) marathon in 2012.  I became a run leader to give something back to a club which has done so much for me and to encourage fellow club mates on their own personal running journeys.   


Simon Hodkin
Age: 54
Job: IT Architect
Club runner since 2012, competitive runner since 2007.
Bio - I got into running to help me through a bad time in my life. Now it's among the best things I do in my life. I'm continually seeking PBs (personal bests), before I get too old to get any more. 
Glad to give something back to the Hares by becoming a Run Leader. I was once a Fencing Leader. (I've heard all the jokes thanks). Have won more medals running than fencing though.

Quote: Never trust how you feel in the first mile